Traveling Together


A long way from the beginning of our climb up the mountain of life,
our paths come together, cross, intertwine, merge for awhile.

And so, we help each other on this part of our journey.

We let our light shine on each other’s path to help guide us.

You trip and fall; I help you up. I stumble, you keep me from falling.
I scrape my knee, you help me heal.

You face stumbling blocks I help you convert to stepping stones.

Each of our paths remains uniquely ours, but we need each other along the way.
We offer each a hand when hanging on by our fingernails.

And we keep each other from falling into the trap of
stopping the climb in a wayside inn or cabin.
We challenge each other to keep on climbing, to keep on growing.

Neither of us sees the end, the peak, the pinnacle.
But we know it’s there we must go.

The cloud of the unknowing keeps us both
from seeing our ultimate goal.

But we know the Love we give and receive from each other
pierces that cloud coming from God while guiding us to God.

So together we climb Unique and United in Love.