If you are considering having John Chuchman speak to your group

I have known John for eight years and have heard him speak many times. You will find him inspiring, whether the topic is forgiveness, grief-sharing, caregiving, the Beatitudes, or spirituality in general. I could go on and on. He always seems to sense the pulse of his audience, perhaps because he is a great listener with an intuitive ability. And humor is not lost in John’s presentations — often self-deprecating. He shares his own stories which have the magic effect of opening up his audience to share theirs too.

On a personal note, when my husband died very suddenly, I attended John’s series on grief. He helped me through my despair and I will always believe the Holy Spirit guided me to him. John saw me through that unbearable time with his compassion. I had a spiritual companion!

Have no doubts that your group will be inspired! Have faith that you will be rewarded by his visit.

Sincerely and with my blessings, 
Suzanne Straebel

Warm, engaging, compassionate, caring, funny, enlightening – all adjectives that describe John’s enthusiam and his gift to us.  We shared a tremendous weekend retreat on Spirituality with John.  We all went away deeply moved by the encounter and better for the journey. – Rosemary Tackes – Concerned Catholics of Montana

Here are a few of the sharings  from those who attended the retreat:

Mr. Bushel Tipper, I am so happy you came to visit us;
I feel like old Simeon in the temple.
Peace, Peace In and Out, Carlotta

Thank You, John. Such insight can only come from
living life in all its fullness.
What a Blessing! Magy

Thank You for coming and all you do, Dianne

Thanks for helping us Move on! Tom and Judy

John, You arrived in our lives through Grace.
Thank You for deep thoughts and courage
to think in a new and wonderful way.
Peace and Love, Gary

Thank You for helping the journey.
You are a gift along the way. Peace, Judy

Thank You, John, for baring your soul to us.
Sister Liz, BVM

Thank You, John, the more we hear, the better it gets, Con

Blessings, Marie

John, May you continue to share your journey and wisdom
and be blessed through it, Kaycee

John, a great workshop.
Lots of food for Spiritual growth, Hans

John, Dear, Thank You so much for sharing
your wisdom and Love with our group, Dollie

Thank You so much. Blessings, Ann

What a journey. Thank You, Barb

John, Thank You for an inspiring uplifting retreat, Charles

John, Thank You for your words, Reyanna

John, Thanks for delivering the Nuggets (of Wisdom), Weber

John, Thank You for being a guide for our lifelong journey, Maribeth

John, Thanks for your presentation and encouragement, Rick

John, May we all continue the journey and meet again.
Thanks so very much, Mary

John, How can I thank you.
This has been a great experience and a wonderful opportunity
for us to share the great mystery of life.
Love, Rosemary

John, You carry a spirit of peace in your heart.
Thank You and may Blessings of abundance guide your steps.
Jim Hogan

Other Testimonials Along the Way:

John is a very spiritual, articulate, caring and compassionate man with an innate ability to know how you are feeling before you’ve found the words to express yourself.  I often found myself saying “Yes, that is exactly what I meant”.  He keeps you smiling with comical anecdotes while he speaks to you about heart-wrenching topics.  He’s an adventurer who dares express what others only speak in their heart about their relationship with God. - Peggy

The words of John break through the fog, from the confusion of life, like a beacon of light offering clarity and insight to our lives.  John’s words bless the ears of all who hear him. – Brian

John brings his many years of ministerial experience and poetic mindset to his energetic presentations.  He many challenge your thinking but he will always touch your heart and soul.  – Ruth 

John is special and what is even more special is that he shares his gifts with others.  His excitement and love, as well as his humor rub off on others.  John is dedicated and compassionate in ministering to others.  He has given many people hope when they feel unimportant, useless and helpless as well as alone and abandoned.  John remindes them to believe in the loving presence of God and in themselves and he keeps it real and easily within one’s reach. - Laura