Ten Counsels

The Ten Counsels of the Divine Feminine

God is both Transcendent AND Immanent,
One with ALL things.

Respect everything and every Being,
God appears in All.

Honor Yourself as a Divine Child of God
as well as All Others,
also God’s Divine Children.

Respect and Protect Nature,
You and Nature and God are One.

Dissolve separations based on religions;
there are as many paths to God
as there are people.

Dissolve all differences between the secular/profane
and The Sacred;
Life is an unbroken flow of Miracle;
All is Sacred.

End Guilt and Shame;
Celebrate Sacred Eros and
all ecstatic connections;
Sexuality is Sacred.

Unlearn religious propaganda
that you need intermediaries to the Divine;
You can connect with God
any time, any place, anywhere, in any circumstance;
Intermediaries are never needed.

Escape dogma as mind-prison;
Create no new religion;
Your whole experience on earth
is Holy.

Put Love and Trust into action
in every aspect of life,
emotional, sexual, spiritual, social,
with Passion.
Let your LOVE
change everything.