Love Is . . .


Love is
Clearing a path for
The Divine which exists deep within me;
To come in contact with, connect with, and
Ultimately unite with
The Divine which exists deep within you.

The Divine exists within each of us.

The path I clear,
(the addictions and idolatries I throw aside)
is, not only, within me,
but also in you
(through your brokenness which I overlook).

The contact, the connection, the uniting
are made by the
Very personal sharing of my feelings and emotions,
by the sharing with you of myself,
with the gift of me to you.

I can love you
without your acceptance of my love
if you have not yet cleared a path to
The Divinity within you.
(I can overlook weaknesses you may not.)
(I can see the Divine within you, you may not.)
(You are lovable to me and perhaps not yet to you.)

I can love you unconditionally
because the Love is
Christ’s Love, God’s Love,
which is eternal and unconditional.

In loving you,
I am energized
I complete the circuit of God’s Love
allowing it to flow
from God
to You
through me.

Love is
Connecting God, You, and Me
in God’s way