Relationship Workshops

Any of the topics listed below are available for your Love and Relationship workshop.  All are supported by slides. 

Love and Relationships

  • Soul Friends
    • The role of loving listening between Soul Friends
  • Sharing Wisdom
    • Effective Mentoring ideas
  • Love or Fear
    • Which drives me?
  • Dialogue or Conversation
    • Thoughts on effective Communication
  • Family Systems that Promote Growth
    • What makes for a Healthy Nurturing Family environment?
  • God and Growth in Relationships
    • Reaching the fullness of our humanity in Relationships
  • True Self
    • How do I find me?
  • Forgiveness
    • Vital to Relationship
  • Love is the Answer, Whatever the Question
    • God is Love (I Jn 4, 7-16)
  • Love is
    • A definition
  • Open Mind/Open Heart
    • A prayer of Letting Go