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Human beings . . . how often have we heard those two words without a thought to what they mean? Oh, we could define “human”, but what about the word “being” or better yet, “Being.” Vaclav Havel, Czech writer, dissident, and finally, peaceful liberator of his country searched for the true meaning of Being in his series of essays written while in prison. Havel described Being as the state of one’s heart, the key to life and one’s orientation to it.

 He believed there are moments when we briefly glimpse these islands of meaning: when we love, show compassion, look into another’s eyes. These thoughts on the nature of Being, the inherent right of human beings to live freely, truthfully and in dignity came to Havel in the solitude of his imprisonment. How often do we witness these social and peaceful revolutions fermenting in the minds of those imprisoned (Mandela, Gandhi, King, Solzhenitsyn) all for the intrinsic right to be a human Being? Now it is John Chuchman’s turn to awaken us to the meaning of Being, our own peaceful revolution within. This is John’s seventeenth book. In all of them he travels through moments of grief and joy with his poetry, companionship and caring. “Being – Our Destiny” is an introspective understanding of true self. It is a radiant source of wisdom and a link between our Being and the Divine, through the redemptive power of Love. Follow John’s Quest for True Self and his discovery of God as BEING-in-Love.

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  1. Jim Tackes says:

    I’ve enjoyed a number of John’s books. I find them particularly helpful for my daily hour of meditation. I read one or two of John’s poems each day and then spend time in contemplation on how they relate to my own personal spiritual path. I find them insightful and great nourishment for my spiritual life.

    Looking forward to John’s new book Movin’ On.

  2. Suzanne Straebel says:

    On “Pebbles of Wisdom”
    Some are two-liners, others flow to the next page. These “Pebbles” are like walking a beach searching for a perfect stone. Each holds a beauty of its own, as it is in this book.
    I have my favorites and one has become my morning prayer. You will find yours too, maybe in John’s interpretation of the Beatitudes, or in how God and the sun relate, or
    on becoming an artist. Perhaps one will stick with you, like a pebble in your sock — can’t get it off your mind.
    Something in this collection will be with you forever.

    Anne Marie

  3. Suzanne Straebel says:

    In John’s newest book, there is an extraordinary poem titled, “Things Are Coming to an End; Things Are Being Created Anew”. What hit me personally were the traps of nostalgia and despair we face in the challenges of our Catholic faith. Nostalgia especially was undeniably a block for me. John’s words, his candor, made me examine my conscience. Why was I holding on to childish remnants no longer relevant?

    John’s use of Hospice to bring his points across is presented with tenderness. The relationship to the dying and a dying church is luminous and, in its simplicity, is a remarkable force. One can feel the hope and light John offers.

    This poem was an emotional jolt for me.

    – Elizabeth Anne

  4. Merna says:

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, John Chuchman Books | Sacred Quest, thanks for the good read!
    — Merna

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