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3 Responses to John’s Blogs

  1. Noel says:

    If there is a God This being would have to be crying. Given the state of the world now and it seems always hard to believe (at least for me) in any supreme being. A bite from and apple and humanity is damned forever and Women in particular. Hart to believe in that god.

    • Sal Umana says:

      Noel, Great Christmas name.Not to worry. MY take on God and the state of the world is simple. God is not A BEING, but is a word that we humans use to describe that aspect of material reality that is beyond our conscious understanding. We have always had a sense of the sacred and we need to honor and respect and perhaps “worship” the sacred which we need to survive.
      Sometimes we have called this “worship” of the sacred : religion, sometimes nationalism, sometimes the spirit of our ancestors, whatever we depend on for survival. Furthermore, nobody, including God, is a Being unto itself. We are all part of the Oneness of being.
      Now for your comments on the miserable state of the world: Since there is no actual God Person to blame for it, we all have to equally take resposibility for the world. Actually, we ARE the world, and we have to unite to keep us from destroying ourselves.
      Sal Umana , Author of “The Day God Died.”

      • Deacon Carl says:

        I Wish I was as eloquent with words as you are. I fully embrace the idea expressed. My expression for this Deity is ‘The Creating Force of Life’ Humanities problem is give this Life Force a name so we can make him like us, rather than the other way around.

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