Grief Aid Kits

A Helpful Gift for a Friend or Relative Suffering any Loss.

The GRIEF AID KIT contains healing symbols of all that any griever needs to help them successfully process all that the grief journey entails.

 Beautifully designed and lovingly handcrafted by Gladwin Area Hospice of Michigan, the GRIEF AID KIT can be ordered for as little as $3.50 including shipping.
Order several now, gift them to friends and family as losses occur,
and they will ever remember your thoughtfulness.


1-19 Kits – $5.00 each
20-49 Kits – $4.50 each
50-99 Kits – $4.00 each
100 and over – $3.50 each

Prices for 5 kits or more INCLUDE shipping.

To order email: