Caregiving Workshops

Any of the topics listed below are available for your Caregivng workshop.
All are supported by slides.



  • Key Skills for Effective Caregiving
    • The Role of the Caregiver
  • The Art of Loving Listening
    • An examination of a key Caregiver skill; Some useful Listening tools
  • Grief Support Groups; They Work
    • Ideas for effective Support Group Sessions
  • Compassioning: A Key to Effective Caregiving (New)
    • Effective Help with Compassion
  • Rituals
    • How rituals may help the bereaved
  • The Crying Need to Formalize a Ministry to the Bereaved
    • Why and how every church needs to minister to their grieving
  • Befriending Death
    • The need to befriend my own death to help others actively dying
  • Business Lessons I had to Unlearn
    • Axioms of commerce I needed to unlearn for Caregiving
  • Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Suffering
    • Ways to avoid suffering as a Caregiver
  • Servant Leadership
    • Are Service and Leadership compatible?
  • Forgiveness: A Key to Grief Healing
    • A tough nut for caregivers
  • The Call to Lay Ministry
    • Our Gifts are meant for Others
  • Prayer of St. Francis; A guide for Caregivers
    • All we need to know for effective Caregiving
  • Book of Job
    • Great and Terrible Caregiving
  • Caring for the Elderly
    • Some key things we forget because they’re old
  • Dark Sides in Life that can be Avoided (NEW)
    • Many of the pitfalls and traps along life’s journey of Growth, Integration, and Self-Discovery are of our own making and truly avoidable.